Review: ASUS Vivobook X202E, The Slim with Touch Screen

Review AdmaTechnology this time about the arrival of new notebooks from ASUS that has been fully supported Windows 8 OS, VivoBook X202E.

What kind of sophistication? Consider the following short review.


Simple yet beautiful look. That first impression AdmaTechnology feel when first saw VivoBook X202E. Moreover, these notebooks appear slim and sleek (dimensions 11.9 x 7.9 x 0.9 inches) making it convenient to carry anywhere.

With aluminum construction, weighs only about 1.3 kilogram.Saat in a closed state, its silver color looks charming and unsightly. When opened, the 11.6-inch touchscreen display with ASUS logo on the bottom will attract attention.

The keyboard itself has a sufficient distance between the keys and was quite helpful in typing. Under no large touchpad keyboard complete with left and right click buttons. And in the bottom right corner, you will see some important indicators that show the status of the notebook.

Turning to the right side of the notebook, there is a VGA out port, USB 2.0, and audio jacks for mic and an external memory slot (SD MMC). While on the other side there is a hole power, LAN, HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and a security lock.


Size 11.6-inch LED HD quite roomy. Not too big, but not too small anyway. resolution ‘only’ reaching 1366×768. Sense of touch screen itself is quite satisfactory for the rapid response and can be 10 point multitouch. You will gain experience like touch screen smartphones or high-end tablet.

A matter of perspective, not to worry. Although no change in color quality and appear darker when viewed from the angle of more than 45 degrees, no problem. It’s just wrapped her glossy quite annoying as it can be clearly reflective and interfere with vision.

Specifications of ASUS Vivobook X202E

ASUS Vivobook X202E equipped with an Intel Core i3-3217U 1.8GHz third generation with support for 4GB of RAM and Intel HD graphics. Data storage capacity is of 500 GB HDD.


Dual-core processors in them can make Windows 8 run properly using the touch screen. Every touch looks responded quickly without constraints.

Moving the application was no problem. Want to open a tab browsing with more than 7 or 8? Can and smoothly. Score from PCMark 7 benchmark raises the number 2040.

When used for video transcoding, the notebook is able to convert HD video to iPhone format in just about 4-5 minutes.

Problem of heat and noise? You will not find Vivobook X202E. Area around the keyboard and touchpad notebook remains cool despite already being used for hours.

But do not hope you can play games on Vivobook X202E heavyweight. With Intel HD Graphics GPU, you could say this is not a device for playing games.

Talk about battery, ASUS seems less able to satisfy those of you who want a notebook with powerful battery. Although only used for the purposes of browsing, typing, and a little play videos and music, Vivobook X202E only survive for 4-5 hours.


Despite his charming design is sleek and lightweight, you may still have to think twice if you want to make theASUS Vivobook X202E as your primary device while inside and outside the home.

But for those of you who want to look stylish and do not really need a top performance from a notebook, this product could be an option. Touch screen is a plus because it can provide experiences like tablets and smartphones.

With prices in the range of $599 US dollars, ASUS Vivobook X202E enough to give the impression of modern and best Windows 8 experience. Just how to adjust to your needs.


– The touch screen is responsive multitouch 10 points
– Enchanting design, lightweight, and thin
– Affordable price


– Battery underpowered
– Performance standards

Samsung Launch AMD Ultrathin Notebook, Thin with Super Performance


Electronic manufacturer Samsung Electronics continues to seriously working on portable computer market (notebook).

Despite playing for two years, Samsung has dared to issue a premium grade products at affordable prices.

Samsung Notebook Series 5 AMD Ultrathin debuted in Semarang, Central Java, on Wednesday (11/21). The Samsung believes this new product is the best product available, because it offers better quality and super performance.

“This notebook is well used by businessmen and professionals who want a notebook PC that is light and thin. Where only used for work, can also be used for other activities, such as playing games, watching movies, surfing the Internet, etc.,” said Haryono Kartono as Head of Product Manager Samsung in Semarang on Wednesday (11/21).

Unlike its predecessor product, in addition to immerse the second generation AMD technology, products priced at Rp 7, 2 million or about $746.66 U.S. dollars was also put AMD Radeon Dual Graphics technology to deliver vibrant visual performance.

“Another advantage is we also add hard drive capacity up to 1 TB, 8 GB memory, power-efficient, supports Windows 8 platform, and the size is very thin and light, as only 1.8 mm,” added Haryono.

With the start of the product marketed in Central Java, Samsung notebook product optimistic they can achieve a significant market share in the coming months.

Moreover, AMD technology which they marketed until September 2012, was able to achieve 22.9% and became the highest share in Indonesia.

Vaio T13, Ultrabook Latest Touch Screen Sony


Sony showed off its latest ultrabook Windows 8 operating system, Vaio T13 “Touch Screen”, Indocomtech exhibition in 2012 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

With a 13.3-inch wide screen, users can enjoy a new experience with Windows 8 Pro 64-bit. Ultrabook wide screen touch screen is sensitive so it is easy to operate with just a touch of a finger.

To maximize image display screen, Vaio T13 uses the Intel HD Graphics 4000. Kitchen runway that was pretty good ultrabook with Intel Core i5-3317U. which can result in speed 1.70GHz (Up to 2.60 GHz).

Only, Sony does not have a large enough storage capacity for this product. They use technology with a capacity of 128 GB SDD.

“SDD faster data transfer, and shock resistance,” Roby said one seller on the Sony stand at the exhibition site Indocomtech 2012, Friday. “For the battery can last up to 3-4 hours if used optimally,” he added.

In addition, Vaio T13 also has a webcam that can be used to interact online. “The price Rp9.699.000 or $970 U.S. dollars, to tote bags, and backpacks,” said Roby.

In the exhibition Indocomtech, Sony Vaio, also featured two T-Series products with the Windows 8 operating system, namely T13 and T11, but not a touch screen model. One more devices touch screen by Sony is Vaio Duo 11 Series is priced Rp13.259.000 or $1330 U.S. dollars.

Devices for Data Transfer Three Times Faster


One of the advantages of this device is able to work without a hitch with Apple Time Machine

The company Western Digital announced a new version of an external hard drive My Book Studio.

USB 3.0 capability is now added to the family hard drive My Book Studio, providing data transfer speeds up to three times faster than USB 2.0.

WD also introduced the addition of a large capacity 4 TB in single-drive configuration which makes it the perfect solution for backing up large amounts of digital content.

My Book Studio is designed with premium aluminum cover and is available in capacities of 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB.

“WD My Book Studio with USB 3.0 delivers transfer speeds remain outstanding and sustaining treat standard USB and FireWire connectivity are users preferred,” said Executive Vice President and General Manager of branded products and CE product WD, Jim Welsh said in a statement, yet recently in Jakarta.

Features and advantages of hard drive My Book Studio hard drive makes it a favorite of professional creative workers and Mac computer enthusiasts.

One of the advantages to be working without a hitch with Apple Time Machine. It is useful to protect and back up content valuable professional and personal.

External hard drive WD My Book Studio includes Security that allows users to protect their drives with hardware-based encryption 256-bit for extra protection from unauthorized access to the drive and its contents.

“A great capacity, combined with premium brushed aluminum cover, hardware-based encryption and compatibility with Apple Time Machine, giving Mac users are system is fast, secure and complete to store their valuable content,” he said.

An external hard drive My Book Studio comes with a 3 year limited warranty and is available in stores WD in, retailers and distributors.

Suggested price for the My Book Studio 1TB is U.S. $135.00, 2 TB is U.S. $159.003 TB is U.S. $194,000, and4 TB is U.S. $259.00.

World’s Fastest Inkjet Printer


Hewlett Packard (HP) as one of the printer manufacturers claim the new printer, the HP Officejet Pro X Series X476 and X451 Color MFP, the fastest printer in the world.

Recorded in the Guinness World Records, the printer is capable of printing 70 pages per minute (ppm). This capability, only able to compete with a laser type printer’s performance around 30 ppm.

“We want to change the myth laser faster than inkjet,” said Ellya, Marketing Development System HP Inkjet Printer PPS Indonesia at Mega Bazaar Computer 2013, Thursday (03/07).

The fastest inkjet printer has several advantages, among others, more brilliant color prints, the print is water resistant and quick drying and resistant decades.

With price comparison perlembar with ink that can squirt 42 thousand points is more economical or 50 percent more efficient than other inkjet printers.

HP Officejet Pro X Series is available in Indonesia market starting this month, with a single function models sold 5.8 million rupiah X451 and X476 MFP models for 8.2 million rupiah with additional features WiFi connection.

Google Launches Laptop With Price $249

Inspired by the MacBook Air.

Google seems to be more serious about growing its business into hardware, not only playing in mobile platforms, search engines, and internet advertising. The proof is in cooperation with Samsung, Google launched its Chromebook laptops were only valued U.S. $249.

Laptops that use the Chrome operating system, which is based on the Chrome browser, according to tech site CNet appears to take inspiration from the MacBook Air. Unless the price is cheap, the laptop has a thickness of 2.03 cm, weight 1.13 kg, and 11.6-inch screen.

“This is the best computer ever designed as cheaply as this.” said Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Chrome and Google Apps, “We call it the Samsung Chromebook.”

The laptop has a battery that can last for six hours, 100 GB hard disk capacity, processor ARM Cortex-A15 atau Exynos 5 Dual from Samsung.

Google said the laptop was designed to run web-based applications such as Google Mail or Calendar and Docs as Google hopes to shift software development to cloud computing services, is no longer based on Microsoft operating systems.

“We will focus on helping users live in the ‘cloud’,” said Pichai.

Here are the specs of the Samsung Chromebook:

  • Screen size: 11.6-inch
  • Display: 1366×768 resolution; 200nit brightness
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
  • Battery Life: 6.3 hours
  • Processor: Samsung Exynos 5250
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Storage: 16GB SSD
  • Ports: 1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, a combo headphone / mic jack, secure digital memory slot
  • Speaker: 1.5W x 2 speakers
  • Keyboard: Full-size Chrome keyboard
  • Wireless: 802.11 abg / n 2×2

Casio Exilim, High Speed ​​Camera

Casio introduces intensified digital camera products. Vendors who are familiar with the calculator’s current product offering premium grade camera at a price of Rp 3.9 million or about $390 U.S. dollars, is kind Exilim, the ZR 700 and ZR 1000.

Both types of third generation Exilim camera is equipped with New Graphical User Interface (GUI) and hardware have full functionality using the latest high speed technology.

Casio Exilim Camera models EX-ZR700 and EX-ZR1000 we launched to enliven the pocket camera market in Indonesia is increasingly tight competition. With excellence in function using high-speed technology that has been tested, we believe that our series will be excellent in its class, “said General Manager QV Divison PT Kasindo Graha Kencana Gunawan in Jakarta, some time ago.

In 2008, Casio launched the EX-F1 camera models, which are able to capture as much as 60 times per second, and is expressed as the fastest camera in the world. Then, Casio combine high-speed pemotretatan and high-speed image processing technology to produce the latest Exilim Engine HS in 2010.

This time, Casio presenting Exilim EX-ZR700 and EX-ZR1000 the development of new systems, including the Triple Zero technology. This technology can eliminate the time lag, blur and camera shake. These functions include AF autofocus once burst shooting or snap can produce multiple images, even while shooting continuously. While the High Speed Night Shot function can eliminate camera shake in the dark or even light with maximum sensitivity level according to ISO 25 600.

EX-ZR1000 offers high-speed shooting capabilities with an early time is only 0.99 seconds turn on the camera, auto focus speed of 0.15 seconds, pause first and next time photographing Just 0.26 seconds.

Embedded hardware feature is new with corresponding GUI has a ring function that is able to zoom with the left hand, graphic indicator, asynchronized control dial, and the LCD can be rotated.

While the EX-ZR700 features a wide-angle 25 mm zoom lens and 18x optical zoom reach. High Speed Exilim camera type show features commonly responsive capture, such as high initial start up just 1.4 seconds, a high speed auto focus 0.18 seconds, just 0.016 second shutter response, capture interval of 0.26 seconds.

“Even in a situation that requires shooting from long distance, such as concerts or sporting events, users can capture clear image. Shots will look clear and beautiful on screen LCD 920K 3.0 with high resolution,” said Gunawan.

Another capability that is not less slick than the EX-ZR700 is Premium Auto Pro is the combining various images automatically with high speed burst shooting according to shooting conditions that can dramatically improve the image quality in challenging situations and has full control focus function.

Another feature is the All-in Macro Focus can capture the whole scene with a close or far distance without losing focus, as well as to wash off the background blurred as if the images are taken from SLR cameras.

Wii Latest Products Launched in the U.S.


This is good news for the fans of Nintendo games. Wii U, Nintendo’s latest console launched across the United States starting on Sunday (11/18) morning.

Wii U offers high definition clearer, innovative, and control tablet called GamePad. GamePad can be oppressed like the second screen, able to show content from the console. GamePad is able to function even if the television is not turned on.

Nintendo launching this new product in the Nintendo World store in Rockefeller Center, New York on Saturday (1/17) or Sunday evening (11/18) morning. A number of fans had lined up since a week or so just to order the console since its debut tickets distributed for Sunday morning.

The event was attended by the President Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Amie, while greeting the Wii enthusiast, as well as other Nintendo bosses.

However, demand this console is estimated not as high as when the Wii was first launched in 2006, in which all stock sold out during the holiday season throughout the U.S..

At 11:30 noon yesterday, employees Nintendo World states still have stock console, although there are still 30 people in line outside the store.

The Mashable team can pick up the Wii U in Brooklyn Target without the queue at 9:30 pm.

Gigabyte Launches U2442 Extreme Ultrabook


Laptop and computer hardware manufacturers, Gigabyte, has just launched its newest product U2442 Extreme Ultrabook.

In an event held in Taiwan, Gigabyte explained that U2442 Extreme Ultrabook features graphics Nvidia GeForce GT 650M or GT 730M.

In addition, the performance is also supported by third-generation Intel Core processors. Ultrabook is capable loaded operating system Windows 8.

Smart Switch Technology on Windows 8 is being developed GIGABYTE team works to help the users to access some of the start-up of the common user’s desktop screen.

Interestingly, U2442 Extreme Ultrabook is able to provide double the storage space with a 256GB mSATA SSD and a HDD with a huge capacity 750GB/1TB into a slim body.

U2442 Extreme Ultrabook has dual air vent cooling system and ventilation system that serves escape the heat and to minimize noise levels.

Gigabyte security features, Automatic Light Sensing Backlit keyborad, do not forget to be provided. This feature can adjust the external light conditions so that users can still work in low light conditions.

There is no clarity when U2442 Extreme Ultrabook will be released to the market. On price, Gigabyte has not yet willing to give leaks.

Bananas Can Fix Damage DVD Discs


There are four methods to repair damaged DVD discs.

Perhaps you have experienced a situation when in the mood to watch a DVD from favorite movie your collection, subsequently the DVD is jammed (scratched) so time to watch becomes impaired.

If a situation like that, do not worry. Apparently there is a solution of the objects that may be seen in everyday life.

Believe it or not, there is a fruit that can help you to fix DVD and CD discs that are scratched.

Here are a few things around that can help you fix it.

1. Banana

Rub the banana is peeled into discs and then wash with the inside of a banana skin. Then rinse with water and wipe again with a dry cloth. Wait until the disc is completely dry.

This method can only be used for discs with minor scratches condition, not damaged. If your disc scratched badly, should be used banana stored in the refrigerator only to be enjoyed.

2. Car cleaner (car wax)

Apply discs were scratched with paint coating liquid, subsequently rinse the disc and allow it to dry.

3. Furniture cleaners

These cleaners can overcome your discs are scratched mild or severe. It takes a lot of strokes using a cleanser that really the damage can be repaired.

Many people who have tried the ‘usefulness’. Furniture cleaners better than paint or protective coatings.

4. Toothpaste

This method is considered the most simple, because toothpaste is always present in your home. Simply apply to the disc, then rub with a dry cloth to clean.

Four disc repair methods above are not all can actually repair damaged discs. But at least it will relieve the damage.

Samsung Launches Smart TV 75 Inch

The advantages of this TV compared to other brands is Samsung’s Smart Interaction technology.

Television technology is now more intelligent. Predicate “smart” are not just limited to smartphones but also for TV. Market demand for Smart TV Widescreen (50 inches) above also evolves to PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia today introduced the SMART TV ES9000 sized 75-inch.

Yoo Young Kim, Managing Director of PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia, said demand for the Smart TV market increased by 270 percent in 2012. Unfortunately he did not provide further details on the sale. “After a few months ago we launched the Samsung SMART TV widescreen at an affordable price, today we introduceSamsung SMART TV ES9000 with the most advanced features, larger screens, and a very elegant luxurious design to meet market demand in the premium segment,” said Young Kim, in a press release today.

This TV has a full HD 3D 1080p resolution and a built-in camera that can be stored in when not in use. However, the advantage of this TV compared to other brands is Samsung’s Smart Interaction technology. This technology allows users to easily set up ways to enjoy their TV shows with motion controls (motion control), voice control (voice control), and facial recognition (face recognition).

Technology and Precision Micro Dimmming Ultimate Black can produce quality images, whether 2D or 3D, a brighter and sharper. This TV can also be synchronized with other Samsung gadgets such as Samsung smartphones, smart cameras, audio dock, and notebook.

Dual core chipset owned smart tv makes connectivity and fast paced TV performance. This TV also has a cloud storage service that allows users to share photos and video. Samsung Smart TV ES9000 can also be synced wirelessly with a Samsung Wireless Audio Dock maximizing sound quality but without adding clutter the cables that connect to the TV sound system.

To coincide with the launch of the Samsung Smart TV ES9000, Samsung also launched the Wireless Audio Dock DA-E70 which is claimed to deliver hi-fi-quality sound audio system. TGSM2YEEC7PX

Curiosity Discover Objects “Man-Made” on Mars


New milestone in historical research.

Rover U.S. space agency (NASA) who was conducting research on the surface of Mars have scooped soil samples on the Red Planet for analysis. Lab science runs that find colored object which experts believed to be man-made objects.

NASA said that after two and a half months of his mission on Mars, now is the time for Curiosity – rover name it – to test chemical and mineral samples from the Martian soil using an instrument called the Chemin. The instrument is located in the stomach it Curiosity will examine the composition of the soil on Mars.

Researchers at the Earth amazed with the objects, whose pictures sent from Mars by curosity, and believes that there is a possibility that these objects are man-made, such an object is found in early October, which turned out to be the plastic fraction of Curiosity alone.

“Initially we saw some bright spots in the area that has been dug up,” said the scientist in charge of the investigation, told reporters in Pasadena, California, U.S., on Thursday (10/19).

Some researchers believe the objects that are man-made. But after a number of discussions involving NASA scientists and engineers, was born a very strong belief that these objects are genuine from Mars.

The indication lies in the fact that these objects were visible at the bottom of the hole created by the rover shovels. This means that objects that lie beneath the surface of Mars.

Last week Curiosity find brightly colored objects on the surface of the Martian soil. After investigation it turned out to be pieces of plastic objects from Curiosity alone.

But for scientists at NASA, the use of the instrument for the first time chemin to analyze Martian soil, a new milestone in the historic study.

“We crossed the line clear in this mission by using Chemin to take samples premiere,” said John Grotzinger, one of the researchers from the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA.

“Our instrument provides mineral identification method clearer than previous methods used on Mars. Identify the mineral itself is very important because the mineral record environmental conditions as they are formed,” he said further.

British Scientists Successfully Creating Synthetic Gasoline

The workings of the technology they have is to change the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere the air and make it as synthesis gas.

A genius engineer from England middle pioneered a new technology that can produce fuel (gasoline) made of synthetic materials in the air and the atmosphere electric.

A number of experts who know the trial stated that it was a breakthrough and potential solutions to solve the world’s energy crisis.

As reported by foxnews page, a number of scientists working in a small company in the North of England are developing a technology ‘air capture’ and use it as material for creating synthetic gasoline.

The corporate leaders have stated that they have produced five liters of petrol in less than three months in a small refinery in the Stockton-on-Tees, Teesside, England.

The workings of the technology they have is to change the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere the air and make it as synthesis gas.

Within two years, they hope to build a large plant to produce more than one ton of gasoline per day.

In addition, they also hope to operate an oil refinery in the past fifteen years.

Until now, the fuel that they produce could otherwise work well.

The scientists also promised that the gasoline they produce free from carbon content and environmentally friendly.

World’s Largest Telescope


Exploration of the universe using telescopes have been done by the experts since time immemorial.

Various planets and outer space Unexplained phenomenon-was discovered using a telescope.

Various types of telescopes were presented by experts in order to obtain more detailed information about the universe.

As performed by the Hawaiian Board of Land and Natural Resources, which will build the biggest telescope in the world to maximize data collection universe in detail.

Located at the top of the mountain Mauna Kea, Hawaii, telescope, named Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) will have a primary mirror segments 492 and has a width of 30 meters, so as to see objects that are 13 billion light years away, as reported by (14 / 04).

This telescope was able to take pictures of objects that are outside the solar system with a fairly high detail. So that the information will form the origin of the greater universe to know.

Telescope collaboration between scientists from California, Canada, Japan, China and India will pick the light receiving area 144 times larger than the Hubble Space Telescope property (2.4 m) and has a 10 times greater than the Keck telescope.

This was the largest telescope construction will be carried out for one year.